Hibernaculum is a retro inspired dungeon crawler that sets out to recreate the engrossing labyrinthine experiences of the classics of days gone by, whilst also building a modern, deeply unique & explorable world of survival, mystery and macabre intrigue. 

Unique events make up a large part of Hibernaculum's gameplay & help break up the main loop of survival.

Can you guess who or what the bad is? 

Join us to find out - 


  • Hibernaculum is a first person sci-fi/horror role playing game with survival horror roots.
  • Create a unique character to explore the depths of Hibernaculum & have the experience you want to have. Choices only matter, if they matter to you.
  • Non-linear gameplay allows for exploration at your own pace, and in your own fashion. Forge ahead and risk calamity or riches. Conversely, pace yourself and avoid harm.
  • Navigate a decayed industrial realm through environmental storytelling and a unique, brooding atmosphere.
  • Hibernaculum will be developed in C++ for PC (Windows) & Mac with hopes for porting to iOS & Nintendo Switch.
  • Hibernaculum will initially be available in English, French, German & Spanish.
  • Hibernaculum will be released DRM-free & available on Steam & GoG.




Someplace in the deep recesses of the Ship a cathode ray tube clicks and pops several times and then flares into glowing green warmth. 

Esoteric numbers skitter across a curved glass surface thick with the microscopic detritus of centuries long past. But these numbers do themselves not necessarily matter. It's what they're *doing* that matters. 

Sequences of ancient codes and scrawls of commands cascade faster and faster now; the furious incantations of a long dead creator. The acrid stink of boiling capacitors and shorted out electrical components fill the small dank oubliette. A relay snaps closed with a resounding CLACK! as complex gearing, thick with centuries old cosmoline and caked grease, begin to turn to their single purpose. More machine noises begin to churn, buzz and whir in the Hibernaculum as it stirs it's lonely slumbering inhabitant to life...

The sleeper has awoken.

The Realm the Ship is simple for most - subsistence farming for some, salvage and trade for others. Many resort to savagery as the horrors of the dark become increasingly unavoidable.

The remnants of settlements built upon the bones of cities, themselves planted on the forgotten buttresses and brute iron deckplates of a Ship whose meaning and purpose is now long lost to time, perhaps never to be fulfilled. Vast nuclear reactors burn on unchecked via automated systems, with cracked coolant lines the width of schoolbuses pouring their contamination throughout the Ship. Technology consists of what can be found, or built. 

Not much is built anymore, save for knapped uranium glass tools and crude machining. Some organic chemistry, mycology, animal husbandry. It is needed. Many things are needed. The few simple pleasures of life diminish and fade, while the dangers of the farthest forgotten reaches of the ship draw ever nearer.

Primordial and secretive R+D sectors buried in the bowels of the Ship run rampant centuries ago, have at long last borne their putrescent and overripe fruit.


Hibernaculum has a sharp focus on exploration and atmosphere with a penchant for allowing the player to discover, uncover, salvage and piece together the mysteries of the Ship whilst emphasising mechanics that allow for emergent gameplay amidst the matrices of survival, combat and character progression.

With a raft of modern conveniences such as an on-screen minimap + waypoints, more aesthetic and navigable maps + hub areas,  a more concise and efficient stat/combat system as well as many other UI and quality of life features we hope to make Hibernaculum the most playable, expansive, intriguing and absorbing game of it's type since the heyday of these games; the long forgotten primeval epoch of 1995.




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